Recently Added Scripts

Recently added scripts

Doing What I LoveHelen Parkyn, Estelle Ward, Rhys Williams32BEGINNERWestern Partner DanceJul 202412/07/24VIEW
Mexican RaveDavid Dabbs64INTERMEDIATEWestern Partner DanceCha ChaJul 202412/07/24VIEW
Eyes Like DiamondsChester Funnell65INTERMEDIATEWestern Partner DanceApr 202430/05/24VIEW
Does that Blue Moon ever shine on youDavid Dabbs64INTERMEDIATEWestern Partner DanceNightclubMay 202430/05/24VIEW
Washed up in AustinLuke & Amy Shrimpton32INTERMEDIATECountry Partner DanceMay 202405/05/24VIEW
DianeLuke & Amy Shrimpton32BEGINNERCountry Partner DanceMay 202405/05/24VIEW
Feels like TexasDavid Dabbs64IMPROVERWestern Partner DanceApr 202401/05/24VIEW
My LuckSuzanne Laverdiere, Marc Laliberte32IMPROVERWestern Partner DanceApr 202419/04/24VIEW
What am IIan & Fiona Smith64INTERMEDIATEWestern Partner DanceApr 202419/04/24VIEW
One two step closer togetherAlan & Sonia Cole32BEGINNERWestern Partner DanceApr 202419/04/24VIEW
Baby Your BabyAlan & Sonia Cole64INTERMEDIATEWestern Partner DanceApr 202419/04/24VIEW
Beautiful CrazyLuke & Amy Shrimpton24BEGINNERCountry Partner DanceMar 202428/03/24VIEW
We aint fallin for thatAlan & Sonia Cole34IMPROVERWestern Partner DanceMay 201125/03/24VIEW
Make Me HappyDavid Dabbs32IMPROVERWestern Partner DanceCha ChaMar 202425/03/24VIEW
Cheyenne ChaBrian & Julie Minns64INTERMEDIATEWestern Partner DanceCha ChaFeb 202429/02/24VIEW
In Walked YouDavid Dabbs64INTERMEDIATEWestern Partner DanceCha ChaFeb 202418/02/24VIEW
Wont Be LonelyAlan & Sonia Cole32IMPROVERWestern Partner DanceDec 201018/02/24VIEW
Tonight We MightDavid Dabbs96INTERMEDIATEWestern Partner DanceTwo-StepDec 202329/12/23VIEW
Heave TogetherLuke & Amy Shrimpton32BEGINNERCountry Partner DanceDec 202329/12/23VIEW
Nobodys NobodyBrian & Julie Minns64INTERMEDIATEWestern Partner DanceNov 202329/12/23VIEW
Loving TonightDan & Kelly Albro64INTERMEDIATECountry Partner DanceMay 201310/11/23VIEW
It'll Be AlrightDiane Jackson, Josie Copley64INTERMEDIATEWestern Partner DanceNov 202310/11/23VIEW
Any MinuteAlan & Sonia Cole64INTERMEDIATECountry Partner DanceNov 202310/11/23VIEW
Somethin About UsAshley Syms-Rees32BEGINNERCountry Partner DanceOct 202326/10/23VIEW
Years From NowAl & Sandy Ord48IMPROVER+Country Partner DanceWaltzMar 202304/08/23VIEW

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