My Gypsy Queen

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New MexicoDavid Dabbs64INTERMEDIATEWestern Partner DanceFeb 201130/03/23VIEW
Taking it WellNigel & Karen Poll64IMPROVERCountry Partner DanceCha ChaJan 202328/03/23VIEW
Just Knockin BootsAl & Sandy Ord64INTERMEDIATECountry Partner DanceMay 202228/03/23VIEW
No BodyDavid Dabbs40INTERMEDIATECountry Partner DanceOct 202228/03/23VIEW
She's in Love with the BoyNigel & Karen Poll64IMPROVERCountry Partner DanceJul 202228/03/23VIEW
Howd You Get Away With It?Nigel & Karen Poll64INTERMEDIATEWestern Partner DanceSep 202228/03/23VIEW

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